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  1. Objectives
  2. Types of activities to be supported
  3. Total budget of the campaign
  4. Recipients of subsidies
  5. Branding
  6. Expenses that are eligible
  7. Guidelines for submissions
  8. Selection criteria
  9. Selection procedure
  10. Funding procedure

1. Objectives

Be Active aims to support and foster the local BW communities of BeWelcome by encouraging the organization of activities that promote the ideas of hospitality, cultural exchange, and the BeWelcome community. Only activities that are in line with the BeVolunteer general objectives as written in the statutes will be considered.

2. Types of activities to be supported

BeActive will support activities by partially subsidizing their costs. The following types of activities can be subsidized:

  1. Periodic collective activities of BeWelcome community members that promote ideas of hospitality, cultural exchange, and the BeWelcome website by means of cultural activities such as, for example, picnics, games, or guided tours by locals.
  2. Activities that aim to promote, discuss, and exchange ideas on topics organized by BeWelcome members according to the objectives of the campaign, such as, for example, unconferences.
  3. Activities that promote the work of volunteers of any given team with the objective of making a specific contribution to the hospitality exchange community and BeWelcome, such as hackathons.

3. Total budget of BeActive

The total budget for BeActive will be determined in each year’s general budget by the GA. The maximum amount that a a single activity can receive will be 40% of the total BeActive budget. The rest will have to be financed by other means.

4. Recipients of subsidies

Each activity proposal (called “proposal” hereafter) has to be submitted by a current BeWelcome member who is the activity coordinator. To be eligible, the activity coordinator has to be a BeWelcome member for at least three months and have at least two positive comments on the profile. The coordinator makes the commitment to use the funds according to these rules and, after the completion of the activity, will submit:

  • a report or invoice of the expenses,
  • a written report/minutes of the activity,
  • photos or a video or any other proof that the activity took place.

5. Branding

The activity will have to be clearly identified as a BeWelcome activity. Even if other hospex network members are invited to participate, it has to be clear that this is an activity organized for and by BeWelcome.

6. Expenses that are eligible

The money from BeActive will only cover the following expenses:

  1. Printing or publishing expenses, such as for stickers, flyers, banners, T-shirts.
  2. Small venue expenses, such as utilities expenses (like wi-fi), or cleaning costs.
  3. Other material costs needed for an activity, such as materials for games or contests.
  4. Food and drinks not exceeding the amount of 2 EUR per person per day.

The money from BeActive will not be used to cover the following expenses:

  1. Travel costs, such as air, train, or any other kind of transportation.
  2. Accommodation costs, such as hotels, hostels or other type of accommodation.

7. Guidelines for submissions

The activity coordinator has to submit a proposal containing:

  1. A general description of the activity, planned events, objectives, and expected results.
  2. A general budget, describing which expenses should be covered by the campaign and which not.
  3. A list of the organization team members, their user names, and the volunteer teams they belong to (if any).
  4. Proof of previous experience organizing similar activities for BeWelcome (if any).

The proposal has to be submitted in digital format, such as PDF, JPEG or open document files to

The BoD will take the necessary steps to promote this campaign.

8. Selection criteria

In the selection of activities to be subsidized the following criteria will be taken into account:

  1. Previous experience of the coordinator and the organization team
  2. Quality of the proposed organization
  3. Structure of the activity (duration, amount of activities, etc)
  4. Estimated Number of attendants
  5. Geographical distribution of all activities
  6. Other sources to finance the expenses
  7. Expected benefits or results from the activity

9. Selection procedure

The BoD will evaluate all proposals according to these rules within 30 days after application. Applications are accepted throughout the legal year, but only if funds are still available.

The activity coordinator of the selected activities will be notified and the results will be published on the home page of BeWelcome. In case of dispute, the GA will have the final say.

10. Funding procedure

The selected activities will have to be held within 10 months after the selection notification. Expenses will be refunded after the activity has taken place and the required reports (expenses report, activity report, proof of the activity,…) have been submitted. The payment will be made to the activity coordinator by bank transfer, paypal, or other means available at the time.
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