Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is elected for a period of one year.

Current Board of Directors

Executive: Gabriel – gbenouville
Vice-Executive: Marcel – marstr
Treasurer: Frank – thorgal67
Secretary: Shawn – saleme

Actual and former Board of Directors members are available in our Board of Directors wiki page.

Powers of the Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors (BoD) essentially have 2 powers that other BeVolunteer members don’t have:

  1. They evaluate and accept new BeVolunteer members;
  2. They can postpone a collective decision from the BeVolunteer members if the BoD feels that the decision was taken too fast by those members (without them reviewing all sides of the topic). However, the General Assembly can always overrule the BoD.

The BeVolunteer members who are elected to the Board of Directors are very active and experienced volunteers. However, the BoD is not about exercising power, it is about getting things done. For this the main duties of the BoD volunteers are: Keeping a global overview, checking that things go well and solve problems when they occur, and provide a nice working environment beneficial to all members.


  • Hold meetings whenever necessary
  • Write the Board of Directors meeting reports

Why do we need delegates in the BoD?

The delegates represent specific areas within the Board of Directors. Some of them are officially required (Executive, Secretary, Treasurer) and the Vice positions support the delegates with specific tasks and general backup. An organisation like BeVolunteer changes fast and some tasks will become more important in the next years. Every year the new elected Board of Directors will evaluate the delegate positions and change them if necessary. Read more about the board of directors in the official statutes.