BeVolunteer concept

Collective work

One of the core ideas of BeVolunteer is its collective character. Volunteers from many different cultural backgrounds and countries working together, using the same tools and following the rules of the organisation – volunteers and members full of goodwill and energy. We really believe that this is a perfect start to create many great projects and to follow our ambitious dreams. None of us would have the capability to either envisage or realize that project on our own. The genius people would miss courage, the brave would miss energy, the energetic would miss analytical skills. At BeVolunteer we follow the understanding that a “collective” is much stronger than the most intelligent individual. This way we invite every volunteer or member to share ideas and feedback – however little it may be – and even if one of us makes an error – there will always be someone to warn and correct.In BeVolunteer, there will be a lot of discussions! If they interest you, you will be able to take part. If they don’t, you can be sure that others will, and you can focus on working on something that interests you. Our discussions are only the basis for action and especially our team coordinators and experienced volunteers will make sure that the discussions will come to an end, maybe suggesting a poll or to preparing ideas for implementation.

Discussions, you might now say, are time and energy consuming. Yes, they are. In the end it is up to you to make your work area, your team as efficient and satisfying for yourself as possible.