BeVolunteer concept

Monitoring and evaluating our success

We are still at the beginning of the project, most features are not implemented yet and some teams need to be managed, structured and activated. We need experts – and with the experts also comes our chance to evaluate what we do. Inside the teams the team coordinators will constantly monitor the development within their area; they are also responsible for the success of their team, the work atmosphere and management of the team members. The members themselves will tell us what is good and what is not and ahs the executive committee the Board of Directors of BeVolunteer will discuss success or failure of reaching our aims and objectives and find solutions – together with the volunteers, members and friends of the organisation and the project BeWelcome.

And finally: BeVolunteer – a volunteer heaven?

BeVolunteer is not a perfect solution for all our problems. We don’t offer predefined processes you only need to follow without effort and risk. What we offer is a platform to work together and learn from each other. A platform to expand your network and make friends. A platform where people from many different backgrounds meet and build bridges – for themselves and others. Bridges between people, cultures and countries. Evolution. Peace. A volunteer heaven?