BeVolunteer concept


Transparency is one of the main objectives of BeVolunteer. Trust and transparency are dependent on each other. No trust without transparency, no transparency without trust. That’s why any BeVolunteer policy will be published, any “power” will be described, any decision documented and shared. Caring about transparency not only prevents the organisation BeVolunteer from abuse of its own members but also is a way to make sure everybody involved is integrated into a process of constant evaluation, feedback and improvement.

Working effectively

Talking with each other and deciding together in an ethical and transparent way is very nice, but our aim is to move, to build a project: not only to dream about a better world. Thus we designed processes which will help to ensure our efficient work progress.The Board of Directors is an example: a group of annually elected volunteers whose task it is to keep a global view of what is going on in BeVolunteer and Bewelcome. Those elected volunteers also have the power to make decisions without having to ask everybody before. This is necessary to ensure efficiency for every day work. To counterbalance this power, the BoD has to report all of its actions (transparency) so that the members of the organisation (the General Assembly) can take react if they believe wrong decisions were taken. Those actions of the BoD refer to pushing conversations, making sure that all arguments are expressed and point of views heard, checking that no abuse or manipulation whatsoever is happening. The BoD helps volunteers to work on what they like, and invite new people to contribute to the project.