BeVolunteer concept


You will have already read this word a few times on this site. It is a big word with many different implications, so what exactly does it mean for us? Do you have an idea of what our project(s) (i.e. the result of our work) will be in one, five or ten years? Right now we do have dreams, but not much more. How can we be sure that our work will stay within the lines we set for it – free hospitality exchange? Democracy is an answer. The way our project will go will be decided by a group in a democratic way. Since this group will be constituted of volunteers like us, it makes the risk much smaller than if it was in the hands of only one or very few persons. Please note that it is not the Board of Directors (BoD) who decides, but there is a constant process of feedback or control of BoD through ‘normal’ members gathered in the General Assembly (GA) and vice versa. So democracy is also a warranty that special powers are not abused. The BoD is abusing its powers? – the members kick it out. There are strong disagreements? – the volunteers decide.